Submission deadline for content: October 28, 2013.

We encourage all and any submissions to be considered for this publication. If you think you have content or ideas that fit within the theme of this publication’s philosophy, then send your content to

We are Jazmine, Lisa, and Tetyana, a group of students in INTM 3B09: Publications Editorial class at OCADU in Toronto, ON, Canada. Together we have the editorial vision to showcase the boldness of others who stand up against oppression. Our Editorial class requires that we make produce a publication by the end of our course, December 9th. We desire to make a magazine and have already set up a timeline of how to complete the work within a deadline of the next 6 weeks. We hope to see many of you joining us in this journey as we produce a physical printed celebration of the boldness of fellow humans. Thankyou for being our inspiration!

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